Covid-19: A New Earth

We believe COVID-19 is an opportunity for our society to grow.

Although the short term effects are devastating and we’re responding to that however we can, Energi Impact has a focus on creating a better future. 

Here you’ll find tools to deal with self-isolation, to educate yourself further, and to use this as an opportunity to build a New Earth.



How can we live with more presence, more intention, more consciousness? In 2020, a popular topic is conscious living. This is the practice of being in tune with ourselves in every moment and responding to life, rather than reacting to it.



COVID-19 has us all stuck inside, which is the perfect opportunity for us to nourish our minds and bodies. We here at Energi Impact have collected a bunch of tools and tips for you to navigate your time indoors more gracefully, and hopefully learn a thing or two about yourself as well.

Our community means the world to us; thank you for being a part of it.

Let’s change the world, together.


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