Growing Younger – The Amazing Benefits of Fasting with Jason Shon Bennett

scheduleApril 17, 2020
personBilly Lewis

Jason Shon Bennett is the master of Fasting. He has been regularly fasting for over 30 years. He is a Health & Wellness Researcher, a best selling author,  and has released 3 amazing books all around Health & Wellness. He is also a keynote speaker, that is when I first saw him when he was doing a talk in NZ a number of years ago. He has so much knowledge and he speaks fast so this podcast is PACKED full of great information.

This Podcast contains:

  • How do you Fast
  • What are the tips to make it EASIER on yourself so you can successfully do it
  • What is Fasting
  • What are the benefits of Fasting
  • What mindset you should have around fasting


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Here you will find more information about the Fasting Retreat that is happening in New Zealand on Feb 22nd-24th 2020.

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