Learning From Indigenous Cultures By Connecting With Nature – Leo Murray

scheduleApril 17, 2020
personBilly Lewis

Leo is a regeneration & sustainability consultant and huge advocate for the natural world. He is a TedX speaker and he also runs the socio-ecological enterprise “Why Waste”, which primarily helps people to turn their biodegradable waste into fertile soil.  He is passionate about leaving this world and the ecosystem in a better place than when he found it.

In this Podcast we talk about;
The Australian fires & why those occurred
How we should learn from the indigenous cultures and the way they look after the eco system around them.

His Submission to the NZ government about the zero carbon bill.
How he struggled with his Mental health in 2019 due to the climate crisis and how he created 10 ways to navigate through climate anxiety. This is a big one as the effects that climate change is having on peoples mental wellness is a very real thing, so it is good to have a tool to navigate through this.

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